Frequently asked questions


Which collection should I book?

My most popular collection is Collection II. It includes 7 hours of coverage which generally covers just about all of any given wedding day's festivities.


What do you mean your collections are "customizable"?

The collections I offer are based on years of becoming familiar with what the majority of my clients are looking for; but it is not uncommon for my collections to not fit every wedding's needs. There are times when more than 10 or less than 6 hours of coverage are needed . Sometimes the collections are just outside of a wedding's budget. In situations like those, I like to have a conversation and try to find a way to create a custom collection works for both parties. So, if  you love everything you see, but the price just isn't right for what you are looking for, please get in touch with me.


How does the contract + payment process work?

When you are ready to book, I will send you an online contract for you to look over and sign electronically. As soon as you sign the online contract, you are prompted to pay the deposit required to book electronically. Once both of things are completed, you are all booked! The remaining balance is due two weeks before your wedding day. 


What do your custom travel fees include? + Are you up for using our air miles?

My custom travel fee includes airfare, transportation(taxi/uber or car rental), and lodging. My U.S. travel fee averages around $500. My international travel can vary much more but averages around $1200. Travel fees can be drastically reduced if you are up for letting me use your air miles! Using air miles is not something I always recommend to do, but be sure to bring it up. I also offer travel fee discounts to certain locations such as: San Francisco, Portland, and just about any National Park.


Are you down to hike to shoot at an epic location?

Oh yeah. I love hiking and explorng the outdoors so, when a couple asks me this question, I put on some Rihanna and do a little happy dance.


Do you offer family, senior, or newborn sessions?

I am currently taking on a very small amount of non-wedding/couple work. Please inquire for more information.